What Can Homeopathy Treat

When asked what can homeopathy treat, the answer is everything. Homeopathy treats the whole person. When a correct remedy is administered, healing begins and the length of time to heal depends upon the person's level of health. For a person who has been generally healthy and is presenting with some new health issues, healing can happen very quickly. For others, with a long history of health issues, healing can take a lifetime, but the great thing is, that the correctly diagnosed remedy will move the person in the direction of cure and a better quality of life can be enjoyed on this journey.

Below are some examples of conditions that can be helped by homeopathy, but this list is by no means exhaustive.


Allergies are abnormal reactions to certain substances, usually caused by the body's production of antibodies called immunoglobin E (IgE). For most people the nose or chest are affected, but allergies can affect any part of the body, and some cases, such as a severe asthma attack or anaphylactic shock, can be life threatening. Symptoms include burning sensations of the skin, nose or eyes, itching of the skin or eyes, rashes, swelling, watery or runny nose or eyes, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath.

There are a wide range of conventional approaches to treating allergies, including antihistamines, decongestants and steroids. The problem with these are they don't treat the cause, and as the body learns to overcome these medications stronger drugs are needed. It can soon become unclear whether the patient is battling with an allergen, or the side effects of drugs. The problem is never cured and in fact suppressing the body's response to allergens in this way can lead to more serious conditions.

Homeopathy has a long history of managing allergies, leaving patients with increased vitality, symptom free, and with no side affects. Typically during attacks, or in the allergy season, homeopaths treat patients acutely, giving short term results to help the patient through. It is normally best practice to provide constitutional treatment (providing long term results) during periods when symptoms have settled down.

Physical Trauma:

sports injuries and accidents including whip lash, bumps and bruises

Physical trauma is one of the most common and pervasive medical conditions encountered. Injury impacts the body in complex ways, and if not dealt with effectively at the outset often results in chronic conditions. Homeopathy demonstrates the power of assisting biology rather than suppressing it. Its marvellous effects are unrivalled. Homeopathy manages pain, stimulates repair and accelerates the healing of damaged tissue, while reducing pain, swelling, bruising, secondary infection, and preventing the long-term residual effects of trauma.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Homeopathy is ideal for women in their childbearing years as it is gentle and yet a highly effective system of medicine. By stimulating your vitality in pregnancy, homeopathic treatment will automatically benefit the baby providing ideal conditions in which to thrive. It can be used to treat all kinds of conditions during or after pregnancy including morning sickness, constipation, hemorrhoids. It can help with difficult labour, such as if the cervix is slow to dilate, as well as with exhaustion, anxiety and pain both during and after the birth. Homeopathy is useful during breastfeeding, for teething, and most childhood ailments.

Babies and Young Children

Homeopathy can raise the immunity of your children to help deal with illness throughout childhood. Acute conditions such as ear infections,tonsillitis and flu can be resolved rapidly, using correctly chosen remedies, often avoiding the need for conventional medicines.

Young People

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to young people suffering from mental health problems and has a track record of alleviating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which is a condition affecting increasing numbers of children. Currently The Homeopathic Research Institute is preparing to follow up anecdotal evidence in the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of ADHD

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The Menopause

Evidence has shown that homeopathy has helped women with the treatment of hot flushes, mood-swings, menopausal headaches, and many other symptoms, when used in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary changes

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Mens' Health

Homeopathy offers almost 200 remedies for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems. Because of its holistic approach, it can help men who suffer with skin disorders, respiratory, circulatory and digestive conditions, IBS, migraine, stress and anxiety.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Homeopathy has been found to be effective in the treatment many mental and emotional conditions. It has been suggested that too many pills are being prescribed for those who do not have a serious mental condition.

5 to 10% of patients visiting their GP will be suffering from debilitating depression where there are feelings of wanting to die or a risk of suicide, or mental health problems such as bipolar disorder (manic depression), schizophrenia or severe postnatal depression, seriously affecting day to day living. A further 15 to 30 per cent of patients will have depressive symptoms but are able to function on a day to day basis. While most of us feel some depressive symptoms at some point during our lives, it becomes serious when it starts to last for several weeks.

Symptoms of depression include persistent fatigue, lack of appetite or excess appetite resulting in comfort eating, lack of vitality, poor sleep, feelings of anxiety and low self esteem, feelings of not coping, lack of interest in activities or relationships, loss of sex drive and generally feeling overwhelming doom and gloom and cut off from the world.

Symptoms of anxiety range from waking up with a feeling of something is wrong or panic attacks, to full on physical symptoms such as acid indigestion, problems with swallowing, diarrhoea, a feeling of tightness in the throat, difficulty breathing or weight loss.

Antidepressants are the treatment of choice by doctors these days and whereas they are supposed to balance the 'mood hormones' (serotonin) they can have the effect of dulling the senses creating a sense of lifelessness in the dependent person.

Talking therapies are known to have beneficial effects upon people suffering from mild depression, helping them to change negative thought patterns. Research shows that homeopathy is an effective therapy both from the standpoint of the therapeutic conversation and the individualised medicine prescribed. Homeopathy helps to balance the individual's body and mind, increasing vitality, and is without side affects. If the individual has not yet commenced conventional medical therapy, homeopathy can often provide the support needed to prevent this ever happening. For those wishing to reduce their medications, homeopathy can be used as a support in conjunction with their regular treatment.

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